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Operating Range

Business Scope

1.      Trademark Agency: comprehensive service of overseas trademark; guidance and agency of famous and well-known trademarks; trademark auditing and strategy analysis service; trademark consulting service; trademark hosting service.

2.      Patent Agency: application and infringement investigation agency of appearance patent, utility model patent and invention patent at home and abroad; solve disputes for clients comprehensively through the close cooperation between two channels: right verification and infringement.

3.      Copyright Agency: registration and infringement investigation agency of copyright; claim compensation to infringers.

4.      Social Legal Consulting: evidence collection for clients’ civil cases; evidence collection for clients’ criminal cases; litigation agency; defense for civil or criminal cases.

5.      Market Investigation: investigation on brand-related affaires for clients, such as competitors and infringement.

6.      Corporate Management Consulting: customization of brand protection strategy for clients; investigation and evidence collection service for clients; asking for and cooperating with industrial and commercial departments, quality inspection departments for investigation; handling of customs protection cases; exhibition monitoring and right protection; patent infringement cases-filing complaints to local IPR departments; domain name registration, maintenance and dispute settlement.