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Our History

ROY (Guangzhou) Legal Consulting Limited is invested by ROY International Law Office Limited, having built an integrated IPR legal service system, together with other branches located in Europe and America, with the purpose of “Proficient in Strategy, Professional in Legal Problem Solving”.

ROY gathers top experts and foreign consultants in the fields of trademark, patent and copyright, boasting a professional team consisted of dozens of senior consultants, lawyers and trademark and patent agents.

ROY has been doing its best to meet its clients’ possible demands of IPR obtaining and protection during their various development phases, which are shown as follows: 

1.      Brand Protection

ROY has acted as the agent of multiple famous international brands at home and abroad, successfully helping lots of well-known enterprises protect their brand benefits from infringement and branded companies obtain compensations from infringers.

2.      Complicated Cases

ROY is good at providing its clients with flexible solutions and solving disputes in all directions and angles through the close cooperation of two channels: right verification and infringement investigation; skilled in collecting crucial evidences for its clients’ cases for their profit maximization.

3.      Special Service

ROY has been devoted itself to assisting its clients in formulating and implementing nationwide IPR strategies to transform passive defense into positive deployment; providing accurate, effective and customized IPR hosting service. Besides, ROY’s signature products include trademark examination, application of well-known trademark, analysis and circumvention design of patent infringement, emergency and early warning patent service and so on. ROY has maintained the leading position in the industry in terms of enterprise IPR risk management and prevention, IPR financing, listing of company and other financial services.