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We offer our customers property investigation before litigation of the infringer

Principle of proof of civil procedural law in our country is “Who claim, who prove”. And it’s also the principle in foreign judicial practice. This means that the court will basically avoid the duty of active investigation. If you want to litigate, then you need to provide efficient evidence that can support your opinion. However, sometimes our clients have large amount evidence of infringing and the court judges the infringer to compensate but the clients might not be able to get the compensation because they don’t have the property information of infringer. When facing such situation, you have a few choices. Except for the support from court to investigate and collect evidence, we can provide previous property clues of the infringer, such as vehicle registration information, housing registration information. Clients can provide these clues to the court for further investigation.
When we receive the investigation request from our clients, we will firstly get some property information by investigating him. And we will apply for property preservation to the court to prevent the property from being transferred. The court will froze the fund in the bank account of infringer legally. After the judgment takes effect, we can take compensation from infringer’s account at once.