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ROY IP Legal Consultant Limited headquarters at Guangzhou and it has branches or contact agency in different cities such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan, Yiwu and Quanzhou. We have more than 35 professional officers aiming to provide a comprehensive brand protecting service. Our company has rich experience in serving famous brand enterprises in different areas such as medicine, electron, garment, office consumables and daily chemical. Our clients includes Pandora, Oakley, A&F and so on.
According to our experience in the past, the target would counterfeit again after a period of raid action, which makes the cost of raid action too high. Hence, protecting trademark from counterfeit needs some preventive action. Considering above situation, lawyers of our company will provide trademark protection and follow up the lawsuit or related law business.

In 2013, ROY added to its practice a patent department staffed with experienced engineers and ex-examiners from the China Patent Office. It continued its expansion in 2014 by integrating a law firm, composed of a dozen litigation lawyers capable of representing ROY 's clients before all courts of China.

The firm has now a team of over 37 professionals and supporting staff, including 10attorneys at law, 2 foreign "of counsel" lawyers, 10 trademark attorneys, 5 patent attorneys and engineers, and 10 in-house investigators. It has the set of skills required to offer clients a comprehensive range of legal advice and services in all areas of trademarks, patents, domain names and copyright, from building and maintaining an IP portfolio, to surveying, investigating and monitoring the enforcement of IP rights.

In addition to those services, ROY can offer to survey the official trademark gazette in order to identify trademarks that are likely to infringe on the rights of its clients, and monitor the records of the State Industrial Property Office to facilitate the identification of patents, utility models or designs of doubtful validity which might become a threat to its clients' interests.

To help with the investigation of infringements in the production and distribution sectors, the firm has built a tight network of informants throughout the country which provides basic information verified through our in-house investigators. The firm has a strong presence in many jurisdictions allows it to make use of all available venues - administrative raids, customs seizures, civil and criminal litigation, and in some instances, a combination of several, depending on the circumstances of the case.

ROY is proud of its client base of over 20 Chinese, European and American firms, including more than 20 Fortune 500 companies.

Since 2008, ROY has been closely associated to the progress of Chinese IPR laws and regulations, and continues to play an active lobbying role in the improvement of the Chinese legal and regulatory environment, both via direct submission and through its contacts with the European Commission and the European Chamber of Commerce in China. ROY attorneys are frequently invited to speak at IPR-related seminars and write articles for legal publications specialized in IPR.