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Legal Notices

Legal Notices
Guangzhou China
Roy IP Legal Consultant Limited is a limited liability partnership registered in Guangzhou Administration of Industry and Commerce in the People’s Republic of China with registered office at Room 3406, Building B, Central Plaza, Yuexiu, Guangzhou. 
An introduction of Roy IP and their professional qualifications is available at
Below are details regarding Roy IP office and representatives in China and references to information pursuant to Classic case 
Room 3406, Building B, Central Plaza, Yuexiu, Guangzhou
Telephone number: +4006 012235
Fax number: +4006 011714 
Practice Qualifications
The Representatives in Roy IP office are, as specified in their representative profiles, admitted with comprehensive and rich experience to practice in IP fields and are admitted to coordinate with local authorities to receive achieve positive results. 
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Each Representative in Roy IP office that is a member of Roy Team that is instructed by Rowe Herry who have comprehensive experience in intellectual property right and its practices in China.
In addition, General Manager Rowe Herry has in place professional training insurance led by profession colleagues and supported by other dedicated team members. Its professional training insurance covers wide-scope training programs. .
Tax Identification Number
Roy IP is registered for the purpose of providing comprehensive IP service in China under VAT number 4006012235