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Commercial Investigation

Due Diligence

DuediligenceUpon Target’sLegal Relationship

Investigate & analyze legal risks ofthe transactiontarget, such as organization structure, situation of asset and business,dispute and litigation and etc.

DueDiligent Upon Target’s Finance And Tax Status

Investigate the financial record, future financialprofitability, potential risk, financial management system as well as taxstatus and etc., of M&A targets, to analyze the feasibility of taxationacquisition.

Duediligent upon business and management

Investigate target’s business operation and the relatedcontents of its management systems.

Competitors Research

Through the research upon the general information, operationmode, development strategy as well as the core competitiveness of yourcompetitors, find out their weakness and also advantage, support you in thedecision making and focusing strategy developing, help you to achieve a better competitiveposition, market share as well as profit in the fierce market competition.

Credit Investigation

Through various information source and professionalinvestigation, collect varied credit elements of the targets for detailedanalyzing, verify and objectively reflecting target’s credit motivation andcredit ability. The credit investigationreport including:

Business Search Report (short for BSR)

Search by information and the very limited clue provide byclients, try to find out the potential business opportunities or the debtor forclient, or to provide basic information of investigated objectives. This reportincludes investigated objective’s name, contact information, responsibleperson, general information and annual sales and etc. information.

Business Credit Report-I (short for BCR-I)

Provide clients with important background information ofmanufacturers / companies in a simple way. This report includes companyoverview, registration background, shareholders, management’s background,latest financial information, trade habit, business profiles and assessmentsand so on.

Business Credit Report -II (short forBCR-II)

Besides the contents of Business Credit Report-I, we offerinvestigated objective’s latest 2 years’ financialinformation in BCR-II.

Business Credit Report –III (short for BCR-III)

Besides the contents of Business Credit Report-I, we offerthe latest 3 years’ financial information of investigated objective. When youneed to evaluate an important partners’ credit situation, company credit report- III is much more useful source than business credit report - I or II, becausethe latest 3 years’ financial information included in the report can reflect investigatedobjective’s financial situation in more details.

Business In-depth Report (short for BIR)

Analyze a company’s continuous financial statements and thecompany organizational structure and rights to distribution. Answer clients’special questions, and compare the target with the others’ operation status inindustry and their average financial performance. This report will include the3 years’ continuous financial statements and various performances analysis,detailed internal structure, detailed trading habit and operation profiles,comparison with the same-industry-overall average performance. This report canhelp you understand client’s latest 3 years operation performances or explorepotential trading-investment partners.